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Our Story

Born from our love of good food, Art of French Cuisine has been quite a journey…



Art of French Cuisine pays tribute to 7 years of researching French cuisine and takes you to the heart of gastronomy in a country from where some of the greatest chefs in the world have evolved.
Inspired by popular recipes of French tradition across the country and from north to south, this gastronomic journey which you are about to experience, promises to be rich in tastes and suggestions, all related to the splendour of the French territory.



With 2 volumes dedicated to the culinary art of France and a signed preface by Régis Marcon (3 star Michelin Chef), Art of French Cuisine, is a classic cookery book derived from recipes which have been jealously preserved by some French families, where cooking is both an art and a culture. Full of anecdotes information and expertise, it illuminates a unique country where traditions in cuisine are inherent. A fascinating book richly illustrated by photographs of dishes that are now recognised all over the world, combined with colours and scenes of daily life and activity.

Designed to appeal to the amateur and the professional, you will discover secrets to success including tips on healthy eating, (remember, “Eating well is everyone’s business!”)  Tables at the back show how to alter recipes for gluten-free diets and give you suggestions for freezing.  You will also find interesting facts and history while you explore the origin of French gastronomy within its regions. Every recipe has been tested and trialled several times to perfection… we can only guarantee enjoyment and success!



10th November 2010, the French gastronomic meal was inscribed as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, the meal that binds the circle of family and friends and, more generally, social links.  The Art of French Cuisine is to celebrate not only French meals but is also to share those moments of conviviality in all countries of the world. In this beautiful book, more accessible to all being in the international language of English, you will discover recipes, simple by tradition, which are fun and easy to make. Each page will surprise you by the quality of the pictures which truly tempt you to make these recipes.

Nutrition means health; you will find tips to cook in a more balanced way including information about the nutritional value of products.

The Art of French Cuisine is more than a cookbook, it is, above all, a commitment of enthusiasts, a team who know how to give of their time and their generosity to help people in difficulties. It is a good example for us all, because the purchase of this book will fund various social and humanitarian actions: medical research, help after a natural disaster, sea rescues, and of course a substantial support to education and teaching.

That’s the art of cuisine,
to give without return, a beautiful proof of love..




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