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“I’ve tried several recipes in these books. They are brilliant, easy and successful, with loads of tips that I’ve never found in ordinary recipe books.”
“What I love above all is that these recipes are always successful because I know that they have already been tested time and time again until they are perfect. I’m not afraid of trying a new recipe because I know if I do exactly as it says, it will work the first time round!”
“I would love to have had books like these when I first began cooking and was completely oblivious of the basics of cooking. Everything is explained… I’ve never found any other cookery books so interesting and really instructive. I’ve learnt loads of really fascinating things about great French specialities as well as champagne, wine… which I was totally ignorant of.”
“I found incredibly interesting advice on balanced eating as well as guidance on what types of oil we should be using plus lots and lots of other indispensable suggestions… Now I’m much more aware of what I eat.”



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